Founded in 2012, SmallRig is dedicated to the development, design, production, and sales of cinematic and photographic equipment to build complete solutions for content creation in multiple scenarios. Currently, it ranks first in the global market share of multiple categories in the consumer-level cinematic and photographic equipment segment. SmallRig products are widely used in live broadcasting, vlog, short video, wedding, professional advertise production, radio and television, documentary, blockbusters, and other fields.SmallRig pioneered the User CoDesign (UCD) model in the industry and DreamRig program, the free product customization project for creators. As of June 2021, it has co-created 1,600 customized products with creators. In addition, it continues to acquire and adopt a great number of product development suggestions and ideas from creators and has developed 800 products for mass production. On this basis, SmallRig creates the most complete ecology of imaging peripheral products in the film and television industry, and establishes extensive cooperation with many leading brands in the imaging industry such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, DJI, and RED, with more than two million users worldwide.
Focus on cinematic and photographic equipment
Patent licensing
Countries and regions
28years old
Average age of employees
SmallRig History
Operation initiation
Exclusively created the 'Co-design operation model'
Branding startup
Created the SmallRig brand
Trend leading
Self-developed the dedicated cage for Sony a6000, as a trendy icon
Strategic cooperation
Cooperated with Fuji film, Nikon, Panasonic, and BMD
Branding expansion
Served more than 200 countries and regions, and reached strategic cooperation with more than 300 customers
Global layout
Entered strategically key countries and regions and set up key channels
User Comments
SmallRig never fails on quality and usefulness. Each product is excellently engineered with good workmanship and quality materials. My previous clamp broke the first time I used it and wasn't even sturdy.
Well made, rock solid mount for a remote IP camera. The amount of quality for the money is outstanding.
This is incredibly well made and really high quality. It's a tiny piece of kit - but incredibly well engineered.
I bought this for my sony a6300 and it fits perfectly! There are two mounting points with the camera so it is very sturdy. No wobbling! Great piece of kit.
Smallrig gear is great. Well made, fits together as it should. Gives you a great range of options on how to configure your camera set-up.
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